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Simple Flooring Company was founded seven years ago, when we discovered that the flooring industry here in the United States was quite different than what was available over in Europe. Not wanting anyone to miss out on incredible flooring experiences, we chose to tackle our concerns and started to bring some amazing ideas to people here in the US.

We know that choosing the right flooring is so important and that making the proper choice will easily complete the look of any home. After all, picking a new flooring material, or simply replacing a flooring material with the same type, can instantly change the design and ambiance of any room!

We love watching our clients’ expressions when they see their new floors for the first time, because that WOW factor makes us want to spend even more time installing flooring that new clients will love as well.

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Covering Wall to Wall

The best floors are wooden. Hardwood installations and refinishing in Chicago | Simple flooring Co

The Best Floors are Wooden

As a flooring company, we probably shouldn’t have a favorite flooring material, but we happen to love wood floors! We have a large variety of hardwood flooring options available and we guarantee that this material will give any room a luxurious feel with a timeless look! Imagine walking on top of your favorite hardwood floor, whether it is in your bedroom, family room, or office. This material is absolutely stunning, and its durability will have you loving your floors for decades in the future.

Wall to wall carpeting with Simple Flooring Co. Choose your best flooring solution!

Wall to Wall Carpeting

When we choose the carpeting that we showcase, we always make sure that we are selecting quality pieces that will stand up to the test of time and lots of foot traffic. After all, we know that people are busy in today’s world and that the flooring options that you choose needs to stand up to the hustle and bustle that happens in your life where you are using it. Choosing one of our premium carpets will have you seeing your home or office in a new light, as it will add a luxurious feel in a color you may never have considered before.

Stylish ceramic tiles. View our range of tile's colors and sizes and choose your perfect floor.

Stylish Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are the perfect option for kitchens and bathrooms, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot choose this easy to clean and maintain material for other rooms in your home or office! We recommend that you add a little flair to any room with the large selection of patterns that we have in stock or create your own pattern from our large selection of options. Imagine creating a unique look without spending a small fortune or worrying about how it will look when it is completed.

Why choose Simple Flooring Company

House flooring in Chicago. We exist only to help you make the right choices. Simpleflooring Co

House Flooring

Need some top notch house flooring? We exist only to help you make the right choices and bring more value to your home.

Commercial building flooring services in Chicago. Top quality brands created for high-foot traffic.

Commercial Building

We work with top quality brands, created specially for high-foot traffic. Your new office floor will keep a stunning look for ages.

Our highly experienced Staff is what we are most proud of. Get a free estimation quote!

Qualified Staffs

Our highly experienced Staff is what we are most proud of. They will always go extra mile to make sure you are fully satisfied.

Advanced equipment make the process simpler and smoother. Affordable flooring services.

Advanced Equipments

We use state-of-the-art technologies to make the process simpler, smoother and achieve best possible results.

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Angies list super services award 2018. We are really proud of our team and services we provide.

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Ceramic tiles with Simple Flooring Company. Affordable costs and top rated services in Chicago

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles can add a bright finish to any room in your home or office, but do not expect them to glow! Instead, they will give off a slight shine, reflecting a little light, to make each space feel open and airy. While this flooring tile is often chosen for bathrooms and kitchens, we suggest considering it for other rooms in your home or office. We know that you will love how easy it is to keep clean and how creative you can be with the designs that you can choose.

Laminate and Vinyl floor installations services in Chicago. Contact us for a free estimation quote!

Laminate & Vinyl

If you want wooden floors but are not sure if you want hardwood due to the costs involved, then wood laminate and vinyl faux wood flooring can be an excellent alternative option. Both these materials offer high quality options that look like real hardwood without the higher price tag. Laminates are usually made with a tongue and groove, making installing laminate flooring easy. Vinyl may not have the tongue and groove, but it is still easy to put in place, as it adheres to your floor.

Wall to wall carpeting with Simple Flooring Co. Choose your perfect floor and enjoy it's new look!

Wall-To-Wall Carpeting

Imagine walking through your home or office and feeling the softness from a premium carpet underneath your feet. This is what you will feel after installing any of our carpeting options, because we only utilize carpet that is plush, luxurious, and durable. We have dozens of colors to choose from, which means that you can instantly add a little color to any space where you have it installed.

Wooden finish services in Chicago. Affordable costs and highly experienced staff

Wooden Finish

Many homeowners like yourself dream of hardwood floors, because they add a timeless look in every room that they are installed in. Make your dreams come true when you decide that you need new flooring in the coming months and have us install fabulous hardwood floors inside the rooms of your home or office. The results will be luxurious and that feeling will last through your lifetime and many years afterwards.

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