What Is The Best Engineered Hardwood Flooring?

Elevate your home's allure with our engineered hardwood flooring—a perfect fusion of style and durability. Explore our collection, where style meets durability, and discover the perfect foundation for your living spaces. Simple Flooring has the best Chicago hardwood flooring.

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How To Fix Gaps in Laminate Flooring?

Say goodbye to gaps in laminate flooring with Simple Flooring, your trusted laminate floor installer in Chicago. Our experts ensure precise installations, eliminating gaps effortlessly. Transform your space with laminate flooring. Contact us now for unmatched laminate flooring installation...

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Flooring Underlayment​

What Is Flooring Underlayment

Flooring underlayment is a hidden hero, providing stability, insulation, sound reduction, and moisture protection. When installing hardwood flooring in Chicago, choosing the right underlayment can make a world of difference. Explore options at Simple Flooring's showroom just outside Chicago...

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