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    Carpet Installation Service in Inverness

    Carpeting is a classic and standard form of Flooring, and it is hard to beat it with any other option. This soft, warm surface promises warmth and softness, as well as versatility and aesthetic appeal. Luckily for you, installation contractors’ expertise at Simple Flooring also extends to this softer option, and our best carpet contractors are ready to work with you.

    Remarkable Carpet Installation Service in Inverness

    Simple Flooring specializes in carpet installation and replacement. When we deliver carpet installation service in Inverness, our professionals are always on time. As a leading contractor in Inverness, we’ve spent years honing our installation process and developing the industry’s best installation strategy. Now, we proudly say that we’ve perfected it, and no one can do it better.

    If you need the removal of an old carpet and installing a new subfloor, we’d be happy to assist you with our professional practices. If necessary, our technicians can also remove baseboards and moldings before installation. We have diligent and meticulous installers committed to technical excellence and ensure that your carpet is flawlessly cut, taut and allows swing room for your doors.

    What’s more, we’ll maintain a clean workspace from start to finish for your peace of mind and remove all the waste after job completion. All we’ll leave behind is a brand new and beautiful carpet.

    We Guarantee Our Work

    Professional carpet installation significantly affects the appearance and longevity of your new floor. Simple Flooring guarantees installations for the intended life of every floor we install. If you find any problem with the structure, we are ready to correct it for free. Customer satisfaction is the primary goal of Simple Flooring; therefore, our professionals will maximize your floor’s beauty and durability with quality carpet installation services in Inverness. Simple Flooring guarantees your flooring installation, whatever your flooring choice is.

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