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Welcome to Simple Flooring, your trusted source for professional carpet installation Chicago. With our extensive experience and a team of skilled installers, we take pride in transforming your space with high-quality carpets that combine comfort, durability, and style. Whether you’re renovating your home, upgrading your office, or enhancing any other commercial space, our dedicated team is here to provide exceptional service and deliver flawless results.

Carpet Installation Chicago

Why choose Wall to Wall Carpeting?

Let’s face it, not everyone likes a solid surface throughout their home. A good quality carpet will bring softness, coziness and extra warmth to those area where you need it the most.

Choose a classic neutral or let a rich pattern carpet turn your space into a designer room. If you envision a thick, luxurious carpet that you can sink into after a long day, consider a nice texture and plush carpet.

Wide Range of Options for Customized Carpet Installation in Chicago

At Simple Flooring, we understand that choosing the right carpet for your Chicago property is crucial. That’s why we offer a wide range of options to suit your specific needs and preferences. From plush and luxurious carpets for your living room to stain-resistant and durable options for high-traffic areas, we have something for everyone. Our extensive collection includes a variety of colors, patterns, and textures, allowing you to find the perfect carpet that matches your aesthetic vision.

texture or plush carpet from Mohawk

Texture & Plush Carpet

Texture carpet features a smooth, leveled surface that comes in a variety of colors. Texture and plush cut pile surface show subtle highlights and tones of color and look great in formal applications.

Loop or Berber carpet

Loop or Berber Carpet

Berber carpet is as comfortable as it is casual, which is why it’s so popular in many different rooms. Ideal for high-traffic areas, Berber carpet features a low profile and thick loops of yarn, making its construction highly durable.

Frieze or shaggy carpet

Frieze or Shaggy Carpet

Frieze carpet is a fun, soft choice. The “shaggy” look can help conceal crumbs and dirt as well as vacuum tracks and footprints. Frieze carpet comes in many looks and is the cozziest of all carpet styles.

indoor-outdoor carpet

Indoor-Outdoor Carpet

Indoor/outdoor carpet has inherent UV, moisture, and mildew resistance, making it a perfect choice for sunrooms, covered patios, and porches. Changing temperatures and volatile weather are no match for indoor/outdoor carpets.

pattern carpet style from Mohawk

Pattern Style Carpet

Spruce up any room with a pattern carpet. Pattern carpets’ distinct appearance and texture can add a designer quality to any home. Multi-level fibers and contrasting colors create an elevated, expensive look.

carpet tile

Commercial Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are square or rectangular pieces of carpeting that can be installed as a modular floor covering. They are generally more durable than rolled carpeting, as they are made to withstand high traffic and are resistant to staining and soiling.

Meticulous Craftsmanship: Flawless Carpet Installation in Chicago

When you choose Simple Flooring for your carpet installation Chicago, you can expect top-notch professionalism and attention to detail. Our highly trained installers are committed to ensuring a seamless installation process from start to finish. We handle every step with precision, from accurate measurements and proper subfloor preparation to meticulous installation techniques. Rest assured that your new carpet will be flawlessly installed, adding beauty and comfort to your space for years to come.

Carpet Installation Chicago

Understanding Carpet Fibers​


Nylon is one of the most popular synthetic carpet fibers thanks to its softness, durability, and resistance to stains. It is typically pricier than other synthetic fibers but cheaper than wool. It holds up well throughout the years and it has good resistance to mold, rot, and mildew.


Polyester is known to be the most pet friendly of all carpet fibers. It is also one of the most affordable ones, while also considered an eco-friendly product. Most poly fibers come from recycled materials and hold up very well to high traffic, and stains and keep their color vibrant for longer.

Polypropylene (Olefin)

Often used as a synthetic wool substitute, Ofelin is more popular in commercial products. It offers similar benefits as real wood fibers and it is extremely easy to clean. On the downside, polypropylene is prone to holding onto soils and oils.


Wool is a natural and luxurious fiber. It is definitely one of the most expensive options, and while it has many benefits it also comes with a few cons. Wool fibers are prone to damage from mold and mildew and therefore are not the best option for families with pets and in areas with increased humidity. 


Acrylic fibers are used to make a variety of textiles, including carpets. Acrylic carpets are known for their softness, warmth, resistance to fading, and staining, however, they are not a very durable material by themselves. Acrylic fibers are often mixed with wool to create an advanced product

How to Care for Your New Carpet Installation Chicago

Your new carpet can look great for many years. Here are some carpet care tips to keep in mind:

    • Vacuum high-traffic areas at least twice a week. Unless visited rooms, vacuum at least once a week.
    • When spills happen, absorb the liquid as much as possible with white towels. Blot until there is no more transfer of the stain onto the towels.
    • The faster you act, the easier it is to keep stains from sticking around. For relentless stains, avoid strong chemicals and call a professional carpet cleaning service.

Enhance Your Space with Professional Carpet Installation in Chicago

Contact Simple Flooring today to schedule a consultation and experience the difference of our professional carpet installation Chicago services. Let us help you enhance your residential or commercial space with beautiful, high-quality carpets that will transform the look and feel of your property. Trust Simple Flooring for all your carpet installation needs in Chicago.

Carpet Installation Chicago FAQ

The cost of a carpet in Chicago can range anywhere from approximately $3 to $30 per square foot, depending on various factors such as the quality of the carpet, material, size, brand, and installation costs. It’s recommended to contact local carpet retailers or visit their websites to get specific pricing information based on your preferences and requirements.

In Chicago, the relative cost of carpet compared to hardwood flooring follows the general trend mentioned earlier. Carpet tends to be cheaper than hardwood flooring in terms of upfront material and installation costs. The price range for carpet installation in Chicago typically falls between $3 to $30 per square foot, while hardwood flooring can range from $8 to $20 per square foot or higher for premium options. However, it’s important to note that prices can vary depending on the specific carpet and hardwood options, as well as the retailer and installation services chosen. To get the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information, it is advisable to contact local carpet and hardwood flooring retailers in Chicago.

The life expectancy of new carpet in Chicago, or any other location, can vary depending on several factors, including the quality of the carpet, the amount of foot traffic it receives, how well it is maintained, and the overall wear and tear it experiences. On average, a well-maintained carpet can last between 5 to 15 years. However, it’s important to note that this is just a general estimate, and some carpets may wear out sooner or last longer depending on the specific circumstances. Regular cleaning, proper maintenance, and prompt attention to any spills or damages can help extend the life of a carpet.

Whether it’s worth buying expensive carpet in Chicago, or any other location, depends on several factors such as your personal preferences, budget, and specific needs. Expensive carpets often offer higher quality materials, superior durability, better stain resistance, improved comfort, and enhanced aesthetics. In a city like Chicago with its diverse climate and potentially high foot traffic, investing in a higher-priced carpet with better durability and stain resistance may be beneficial. Additionally, higher-end carpets may have better warranties and longer lifespans, providing long-term value. However, it’s essential to balance your budget and priorities to ensure that the expense aligns with your financial situation and overall requirements. Consider your specific circumstances, consult with carpet retailers, and explore different options to make an informed decision that suits your needs and budget.

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