Hardwood floor sanding and refinishing

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

When it comes to flooring, hardwood is simply unrivaled. Not only its classic look is ageless, but it also adds more value to your space!

Although hardwood floors are made to be highly durable, due to constant usage, in time, it can lose its shine and become dull and scratched. However, unlike many other flooring types, you can always count on hardwood refinishing to produce a great comeback!

Depending on the type of the wood, when done correctly, natural hardwood floors can take up to 10 complete sanding and refinishing jobs. Engineered wood, depending on the thickness of the hardwood veneer can be refinished up to 2 times.

Each time you decide to sand or refinish your wood, you have the option to choose a brand new color and finish for your floor. We also offers a range of custom colors to match other areas of the floor that are not being refinished.

Depending on the project’s size and complexity, please allow 2 to 5 days for a complete hardwood refinishing, staining and varnishing process. We usually recommend our clients to move out of the house because of factors such as dust, odor and general disruption.

How to Care for Your Refinished Hardwood Floor

Beautiful hardwood is timeless and always in style. And it requires minimal upkeep. Yours will go far if you closely follow all manufacturer recommendations and stay proactive. Cleaning and maintaining solid and/or engineered hardwood is very simple:

  • Sweep up spills, crumbs, dust and dirt into piles. Use a vacuum without beater bars or mechanisms, which can scratch your floor. At least once a week is recommended.
  • Address standing liquids immediately with a clean, non-abrasive material. The less water and/or solution used, the better.
  • Hardwood is resilient, but not invincible. Avoid buffing machines, steel wool, scouring powder, and steam mops to help prevent surface abrasion and warping.
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