Laminate flooring offers a cost effective alternative to hardwood floor installation, but gaps between planks can be a common issue. Simple Flooring, a leading laminate floor installer in Chicago, is here to guide you through the reasons behind these gaps and how to fix gaps in laminate flooring.

Causes Of Laminate Flooring Gaps​
Causes Of Laminate Flooring Gaps​

Causes Of Laminate Flooring Gaps

Laminate floors, while resilient, can develop gaps due to various factors. Temperature fluctuations, humidity changes, inadequate acclimation, bad laminate flooring installation, and uneven subflooring are among the culprits. 

Identifying the root cause is crucial for knowing how to fix gaps in laminate flooring.

Tips For Gap Free Laminate Flooring

Tips For Gap Free Laminate Flooring​
Tips For Gap Free Laminate Flooring​

Climate Control

Keep indoor temperatures consistent (60-80°F) to prevent laminate boards from expanding or contracting.

Control Humidity

Aim for 35-55% humidity to minimize the risk of swelling or shrinking.


Allow acclimationLet new boards acclimate for 48-72 hours before laminate flooring installation chicago.

Avoid Bad Laminate Flooring Installation

Rely on experienced professionals like Simple Flooring to ensure correct laminate floor installation chicago.

  • Quickly clean up spills to prevent warping or swelling.
  • Use a vapor barrier to protect against moisture, especially in areas prone to dampness.
  • Prevent scratches by using gentle cleaning tools and avoiding abrasive materials.
  • Avoid walking on the floor for 24 hours post-installation to allow for proper settling.


Implementing these precise measures ensures a gap-free, long-lasting laminate floor.

Bad Laminate Flooring Installation
Bad Laminate Flooring Installation

Laminate Flooring Gaps

It’s normal for gaps to appear between laminate flooring pieces over time. 

If you notice gaps, assess their size and permanence. Small, weather dependent gaps may not require immediate action, but significant and persistent gaps demand attention. 

Fixing them is a common task that can be addressed easily. 


Contact us today to get professional advice tailored to your specific situation on how to fix gaps in laminate flooring.

Laminate Flooring Gaps​
Laminate Flooring Gaps​
Laminate Floor Repair Cost​

Laminate Floor Repair Cost

Laminate floor repair cost vary based on factors like:

  • Laminate type
  • Repair method
  • Workforce

Simple repairs may cost as little as $20, while more extensive fixes could reach $500. Investing in repairs is often more economical than replacing the entire floor.

how to fix gaps in laminate flooring
Prepare For Laminate Floor Repair​

Prepare For Laminate Floor Repair

  • Identify all damaged areas.
  • Ensure the gap is repairable.
  • Mark problem spots for comprehensive repair.
  • Decide on the repair method. (Contact Simple Flooring)
  • Gather necessary materials and tools.
  • Clean the repair area thoroughly.
Laminate Floor Installer In Chicago​

Laminate Floor Installer In Chicago

Simple Flooring is your trusted laminate floor installer in Chicago. From expert flooring installation to quick fixes for any gaps, we’ve got you covered. Ready for laminate floors? 

Contact Simple Flooring now for top notch laminate flooring installation Chicago. Elevate your space effortlessly!

Yes, but, it’s a temporary solution.

  • Use matching silicone caulking to fill gaps temporarily.
  • Understand that caulk may loosen as the flooring shifts.
  • Lay small pieces of flooring material in the gaps.
  • Opt for free-floating materials like cork or foam rubber.
  • Conceal gaps effectively, making them less noticeable.
  • Kick the plank into place.
  • Wear shoes with grip and kick forward on the loose plank.
  • Utilize this simple method to tighten and close gaps.

Use wood filler or putty for small to medium gaps. Easy application with various color options to match wood types.

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