Plush Carpet Flooring Vs. Frieze Carpet Flooring: Which is Better?

Carpet flooring sets the mood of a the room, enhances your decor, and feels nice underfoot. When you’ve shortlisted your selection to a toss-up between frieze carpet flooring and plush carpet flooring, it can be tough making that final decision, because they are both so good.

This article will discuss the pros and cons of plush and frieze carpets, so you can finally settle on the best type of carpet for your home.

Plush Carpet Flooring - Soft Luxury Your Feet Will Love

The plush carpet is thick, with closely packed pile that is uniform in length. Its soft, luxurious feel on bare feet is its main drawcard and it’s an excellent choice if your taste in decor is upmarket and formal. However, it’s equally at home in a more casual setting.


Plush carpets can be created from wool or synthetic fibers like polyester. Many high-quality versions are treated with protective materials for increased durability.

Plush Carpet Pros and Cons

When it comes to carpeting bedrooms, most people immediately picture warm and fluffy plush carpet that is gentle on bare feet.

Different materials will change how plush carpet feels underfoot, but whatever you choose, you will be sure to enjoy the comfort that comes from the extra cushioning effect of closely packed fibers. It’s hard to imagine anything else underneath your toes on a cold winter’s morning.


Vacuuming and foot traffic can leave visible lines in plush carpets that may not appeal to some. While it will last quite a while with good care, it’s well-known that softer carpets are the less durable kind.


A soft plush carpet is perfect for bedrooms, but not the best choice for a high-traffic area. It could also be a great selection for formal areas of the home that don’t experience as much family traffic.


You will need to be mindful of spills, as the soft fluffy fibers can be quite thirsty and will quickly soak up a spilled drink.


Still, you will get lots of mileage out of quality plush carpets that are treated with protective materials designed to repel dirt and resist staining. The enhanced features of treated plush piles will give you time to gather the cleaning materials before the spill ruins your carpet.

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plush carpet samples

A lot of carpet choices come down to how easy it is to look after your floor covering and keep it looking its best. Here’s what you can expect from plush carpet from a cleaning and maintenance point of view.

Regular cleaning: Plush carpets do require regular cleaning to always look their best. Vacuum at least twice a week, or more often in high-traffic areas.

Deal with spills immediately: Immediately blot a spill with paper towels, while working from the outside in to avoid spreading it. Keep a recommended cleaner handy for dealing with stains. Clean the carpet thoroughly, but always use cold water and clean by blotting, never rubbing.

Avoid heavy furniture and objects: Heavy items will leave unsightly indentations, so it’s a good idea to regular move furniture around to prevent permanently crushing the pile.

Use doormats and remove footwear: Doormats can be used to prevent tracking dirt and grime into the room.

How Good is Frieze Carpet Flooring?

frieze carpetJust about everybody knows about the soft luxurious feel of plush carpet. Frieze carpet flooring is not as well-known but is still worth considering as an option. Frieze carpet, also called twisted carpet, has a shag look to it but it’s different from shag carpets of the past.

The name comes from the long fibers that are twisted together before getting cut to create the desired effect. Because the twists are wound so tightly, they curl back in on themselves to produce frieze carpets distinctive style.

Frieze carpets are usually manufactured from nylon or wool, making them relatively easy-care with greater durability than plush carpets. Many attribute frieze carpets with a formal appearance but it’s often found in bedrooms and loungerooms as well.

Frieze Carpet Pros and Cons

Soft and cozy fuzzy carpet at Simple Flooring CompanyThe tightly wound fibers in frieze carpets turn back on themselves to create a densely packed pile that’s even softer and more luxurious than a plush carpet. Because of this, you will generally find that frieze carpets are slightly more expensive than plush.

A frieze carpet is very good at hiding dirt and debris, but cleaning is still recommended to avoid dirt and grime piling up out of view. Unlike plush carpets, you won’t get unsightly track marks after vacuuming.

The way the fibers of a frieze carpet are laid down on their side makes them slightly more durable than other carpets. When you walk on a carpet with fibers that are straight up and down, all the pressure is applied to the small area at the top of the strand.

Wear is increased and the carpet will show signs of age much sooner. Walking on fibers that are laying down sideways, as they are in a frieze carpet, distributes the weight more evenly across the strands, giving them a longer lease on life.

Caring for Frieze Carpet Flooring

Frieze carpet is a fantastic choice, but knowing how to care for it can you make your decision about which carpet to get a little easier.

Vacuuming: Use a vacuum cleaner with a height-adjustable beater bar to clean frieze carpets. If you can’t set the height or turn it off, the beater may snag and tear the fibers.

Clean up spills immediately: Like plush carpets, frieze carpets can quickly soak up any spills and stains if you don’t get to them fast enough.

Deodorizers: While deodorizers work great on most types of carpets, the powders can stick to frieze fibers to the point where you may not be able to vacuum up every trace.

Hopefully, we have made your carpet flooring decision a little easier, but whichever one you choose, we know you are going to love it.

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