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  • Genuine Solid Hardwood
  • 3/4 “Thick
  • 9-Coat Processed with Aluminum Oxide
  • Four Sided Micro-Bevel
  • Random Length Boards
  • 50 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Species: Small Leaf Acacia
  • Texture: Smooth
  • Width: 3″
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Acacia is one of the hardest species of wood. It is one of the most exotic products for floors, having a unique grain pattern with darker and lighter colors, which makes it the desired floor. Small Acacia Natural floor offers character and the signature look of Small Leaf Acacia.

The differences between Small Leaf Acacia and Big Leaf Acacia:

The main difference between these 2 species is the wood grain. Small Leaf Acacia has a strong and vibrant wood grain which gives it a bold and artistic look. It is contrasty with a a much stronger color difference while combining colors of honey brown and light brown that beautifully blend together.

Big Leaf Acacia has a dull wood grain with wood knots that are normally darker and sometimes quite noticeable. It doesn’t have the big contrast in color Small Leaf Acacia has, offering a more uniform classic look.

The other important difference is stability.

Small Leaf Acacia is rated 20% harder than Oak. Due to this it has overall a very good stability with some warping, contracting and expending as the temperatures and moisture change.

Big Leaf Acacia has a medium stability due to its lower wood density. The moisture content in the air will have a much bigger impact. It will shrink and expend much more depending on the weather.

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