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  • Genuine Solid Hardwood
  • 3/4″ Thick
  • 9-Coat Processed with Aluminum Oxide
  • Four Sided Micro-Bevel
  • Random Length Boards
  • 50 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Species: Small Leaf Acacia
  • Texture: Smooth
  • Width: 3″
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Acacia is one of the hardest species of wood. It is one of the most exotic products for floors, having a unique grain pattern with darker and lighter colors, which makes it the desired floor. Small Acacia Tumeric floor offers character and a darker take on the classic look of Small Leaf Acacia.

The differences between Small Leaf Acacia and Big Leaf Acacia:

The main difference between these 2 species is the wood grain. Small Leaf Acacia has a strong and vibrant wood grain which gives it a bold and artistic look. It is contrasty with a a much stronger color difference while combining colors of honey brown and light brown that beautifully blend together.

Big Leaf Acacia has a dull wood grain with wood knots that are normally darker and sometimes quite noticeable. It doesn’t have the big contrast in color Small Leaf Acacia has, offering a more uniform classic look.

The other important difference is stability.

Small Leaf Acacia is rated 20% harder than Oak. Due to this it has overall a very good stability with some warping, contracting and expending as the temperatures and moisture change.

Big Leaf Acacia has a medium stability due to its lower wood density. The moisture content in the air will have a much bigger impact. It will shrink and expend much more depending on the weather.

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