Hardwood oak flooring at Simple Flooring Company

Hardwood oak flooring at Simple Flooring Company

Hardwood flooring is a time-honored classic that many homeowners prefer. Who doesn’t admire the natural beauty and richness of a solid wood floor? Each wood floor is distinct because no two floorboards are alike. There are species, grain patterns, stain colors, and board widths to suit everyone’s tastes. 

Hardwood flooring is most commonly found in living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms, but it can be used anywhere there isn’t a lot of moisture or humidity. If properly cared for, hardwood flooring can last a lifetime; therefore, always go for the reputable hardwood flooring installation service in South Barrington. Some of the hardwood floors in South Barrington that we’ve refinished are over a century old.

Types of Hardwood Flooring

Natural hardwood flooring comes in various species, each with its hardness, color, and grain pattern. Many common types of wood, such as oak, maple, hickory, cherry, and walnut, are grown in the United States (domestic). Exotic species are those that are grown outside of the United States. Because of its abundance and suitability for hardwood flooring, red oak is the most common domestic species. It’s inexpensive, attractive, stains well, and has just the right amount of hardness to be durable while still being easy to work with.

  • The harder the wood, the more resistant it is to dents and scratches and thus lasts longer. Harder wood is denser and takes longer to grow and renew.
  • Softer woods are less dense, grow more quickly, and are thus more renewable and less expensive. They are, however, more prone to dents and scratches.

However, if you are interested in learning more about these types of hardwood flooring, here you are; read more about it in this article.

  1. Cork Flooring 

Another option for flooring is cork. It is made out of bark. Adhesive resins are used to bond cork under high pressure. It’s also available in both solid and engineered versions. Because the tree is not cut and the bark can be harvested every few years, it is environmentally friendly and renewable. Cork is a quiet and pleasant place to walk. It is moisture, mold, and mildew resistant, but excessive water exposure should be avoided. Cork can be prefinished or site finished and refinished in the same way that hardwood can. Its resistance to dents and scratches is lower than that of engineered or hardwood flooring. Pet nails can puncture and scratch the surface, so it is not recommended for pet owners.

  1. Laminate & Vinyl Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Installation

Laminate and vinyl are two types of flooring that resemble real wood. These are layered materials with a photographic image applied to them, such as wood pulp fiberboard or PVC plastic. They’re less expensive than hardwood and can’t be refinished if the finish wears away. Although laminate and vinyl look great, they don’t last as long as hardwood. While you are looking for laminate flooring service in Barrington, remember that the prices range from $1 to $7 per square foot, with installation costs ranging from $2 to $15.

  1. Bamboo Flooring

It is considered environmentally friendly because it grows quickly and is easily renewable. Bamboo strips are glued together to form planks. It is harder than many hardwoods and, as a result, more durable and scratch-resistant. High-quality bamboo can last as long as hardwood and be refinished multiple times, but it can also be damaged by excessive moisture. Bamboo is available in a variety of finishes, both prefinished and unfinished. VOCs can be a factor in any product that includes adhesive, so it’s essential to look for products that have air quality certifications. Many of the lower-cost items do not. Bamboo is also mold and allergen-resistant. The price per square foot ranges from $3 to $8, with installation costing $7 to $12.

Installation of Hardwood Flooring

If you want solid hardwood flooring, it’s usually best to hire a professional Hardwood flooring installation service in Barrington for it. Experienced DIYers can install it, and prefinished hardwood can make it easier. On the other hand, hardwood must be nailed or stapled to a plywood subfloor, with proper leveling and spacing. The tools and skills required make hiring a professional a worthwhile investment. Professional installation ensures proper installation and provides warranties, allowing you to get the most out of your floor.

Incorrect installation can cause gaps, cracks, distortions, and cracking. It is critical to remember that solid hardwood is only installed at and above the floor. Hiring a professional for sanding and refinishing is also a good idea.

Maintenance of Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood and engineered wood floors are relatively low-maintenance options. The most important thing is to sweep or vacuum regularly to remove dirt and grit that can wear down the topcoat. To avoid abrasive vacuum bristles on the floor, use the vacuum hose and soft attachments. In high-traffic areas, place doormats and area carpets. Taking off your shoes in the house isn’t required, but it will help keep your floors looking newer for longer. High heels, on the other hand, should be avoided because they can dent the floor. To protect your floors from scratches, place felt pads on the legs of your furniture.

Excess water on the floor should be avoided. Allow no time for water to sit. Do not wet mop, rather use a damp mop or cloth. Avoid using harsh cleaners and chemicals, as well as ammonia and vinegar. Some products have the potential to harm the finish. Use hardwood floor cleaning products that don’t require a lot of water, such as spray-on products. To renew the floors and remove dents and scratches, sanding and refinishing are usually done every 7-10 years.

Bottom Line

The choice is in your hands, the type of hardwood flooring you choose. However, make sure that you hire only professionals for the hardwood flooring installation service in Inverness. Besides, never miss the maintenance routine for your hardwood floors.

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